The village of Scanno - the ‘Pearl of Abruzzo’- in the Green Region of Europe, is nestled between the majestic mountains of the National Park of Abruzzo and near the Maiella National Park, known as the ‘Mother Mountain’.
Scanno - an enchanting and charming village - is part of a select group of the most beautiful villages in Italy known as ‘I borghi piu belli d’italia’.

It is reached via the rugged precipice of the ‘Gole del Sagittario’ gorge - "horribly beautiful" wrote Gabriele d'Annunzio with imaginative expression - a nature reserve where rare and beautiful floral varieties bloom and which is unique in the central Apennines.

 Further along the approach are the still waters of Lake Scanno, extraordinarily shaped like a heart: "... the most romantic place in Abruzzo ..." (February 15, 2015, "Abruzzo Aquilano Facebook page"). "... Around the lake of Scanno, melancholy reigns silent and serene...Regina…tells me of the legend of the lake’s waters: whoever gazes into it will see the faces of the people they loved in vain ..." (Ruggero Orlando, La Stampa, March 18, 1935).

 And the village itself, a flight of incomparable roofs, the houses arranged as if on a stool, tumbling down the steep slopes which lead gently down into the valley, in a very evocative landscape.

The sight is spectacular - "between light and luster" wrote the Poets. The Masters of Photography have drawn endless inspiration from these places: the photograph ‘Scanno Boy’ by Mario Giacomelli, the greatest of all 20th century Italian photographers, taken as part of a series dedicated to Scanno, is the only Italian picture included in the prestigious catalogue "Looking at Photographs" published by the Museum of Modern Art in New York and was both awarded honours and received international fame. Henri Cartier Bresson, founder of the Magnum agency, loved Scanno "... Ely and Henri (Cartier Bresson) spent December 1951 between Scanno and Matera (European Capital of Culture 2019) and said .. we are happy, people offer us hospitality with wonderful kindness ..." "... Marie Louise Bousquet, the Paris Editor of Harper's Bazaar ... had invited the French photographer (Cartier Bresson) to identify a sufficiently archaic Italian place with both natural beauty and tradition… for their Christmas photo-shoot. It was published a year later in the charming 1952 Christmas celebration issue. That research ... (which) culminated in the winter of 1951 with the identification of Scanno as a pristine location, appropriate to the first representation of Christmas in the media of international communication. We can imagine that the attractions of that article, published in December 1952, with the title of ‘Christmas in Scanno’ did not simply focus on the destination as the latest presentation of a Nativity re-enactment... but also on the visual potential given to the readers...". (Italy Explodes - the 1952 diary of Irene Brin) .

Scanno still enshrines old and deeply rooted traditions including the various religious processions. There is also "The Catenaccio" - a wedding procession in traditional costume, the "Chezette" - a love serenade by the bridegroom to his betrothed, and "Le Glorie" - huge bonfires lit on the occasion of the feast of San Martino. Even today we can often see the older women slipping through the picturesque streets of the village in their beautiful traditional costumes: a spectacle like no other.

The cuisine features simple ingredients but it’s really very tasty. The desserts and cheeses are also delicious.
In the "cold cellars of Scanno", which were much admired by Michele Torcia - an 18th century diplomat and writer, fine wines & spirits rested having been prepared by our grandparents - the experienced hosts Eustachio and Ettore.

Scanno is utterly charming - every day of the year. All the world’s travellers know that Italy is a country full of both magic and extraordinary places. The richness of Italy is not simply confined to the museums but is preserved and enhanced in the small villages and large towns spread across the land.

The travel website Trivago ranks Scanno among the 20 most sought after villages amongst all the picturesque destinations and the breathtaking views spread throughout the boot (April 2016). The Huffington Post (August 7, 2015) included Scanno among the 25 most beautiful villages of Italy to see at least once in your lifetime, together with: Vernazza, Portofino, San Giminiano, Positano, Isola Procida, Bobbio, Varenna, Camogli, Montone, Manarola, Civita di Bagnoregio, Bellagio, Sassi di Matera, Ravello, Capri, Castelsardo, Castelmezzano, Polignano a Mare, Pitigliano, Castelmola, Atrani, Santo Stefano, Monte Isola, Castell' Arquato.

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